Unique Pretzel Rings TV Commercial

Unique Pretzels is proud to introduce their new Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel Ring, a ring-shaped sourdough pretzel made with real malted barley and hops.

A brand with all of Unique’s subtle quirks and charm needs to ensure its coming through cohesively wherever Unique is starting conversations about their pretzels. With that in mind, Neo-Pangea collaborated with them to tell different stories that people would laugh at, identify with, and be inspired by. From ridiculous possible origins for their different pretzel styles to unexpected recipe-focused applications for their products, we continue to explore the possible tales to be told centered around their storied pretzels.

I was tasked with crafting the sound of the ad. That involved editing and effecting the voice over and laying it over music. Finally, I added in some sound design elements and effects and then made sure everything was properly leveled and ready to be shared on social media.