• Analog Mixing

    The Social Club features the Solid State Logic Sigma Delta recallable Super Analogue Summing rig. It allows for real world analog summing that helps glue your mixes together in a way that is not achievable with in-the-box mixing.

    The Sigma has two stereo busses. On the A Buss of the Sigma rests the Chameleon Labs 7721 Stereo VCA Compressor. On the B Buss of the Sigma resides the Warm Audio VCA Compressor. Get the best of both worlds with Solid State Logic’s legendary summing and that classic VCA buss compression that glues tracks together to give you that “finished record” sound. It’s truly a match made in analog heaven.

  • Analog Mastering

    The final step in the post production process is Mastering. Adding the final polish to a song and bringing it up to an adequate volume level, without sucking the dynamics and life out of the song, is an art form.

    For full analog mastering I use the Solid State Logic Sigma as my console and capture the analog signal back in with the Dangerous Convert-AD+. The Dangerous Music convertor allows me to really extract a higher volume out of the analog realm. For analog compression I have Chameleon Labs 7721 and Warm Audio VCA Bus Compressor. For digital mastering I use the legendary Weiss DS-1 MK3 or Fabfilter L2 for limiting.

  • Hardware

    Hardware includes: Solid State Logic Sigma Delta, Dangerous Music Convert-AD+, Antelope Audio Orion 32+, Chameleon Labs 7721 VCA Stereo Compressor, Warm Audio VCA Bus Compressor, Solid State Logic 2+, Roland DEP-5, Yamaha Motif 8, Maschine Studio, Solid State Logic UC1, Softube Console 1, Universal Audio Quad, Amphion Amp100, Yamaha NS-10M (pair), Amphion Amp500, Amphion One18 (pair), Dynaudio BM9S Subwoofer (paired with Amphion), Klipsch Reference 12inch Subwoofer (paired with NS-10M), TC Electronic Clarity M 5.1, and more.

  • Software

    Software includes: Steinberg Cubase Pro 12, Wavelab Pro 9.5, Logic Pro, Avid ProTools, Native Instruments Maschine 2, and more plug-ins than you can shake a stick at. Solid State Logic Channel Strip v2 & Bus Compressor v2, Valve Compressor, X-Verb,  Solid State Logic Native Channel Strip and Buss Compressor, Waves VST, Antelope FPGA, UAD DSP Plugins, Dangerous BAX EQ, Manley Massive Passive, Purple MC77, Chandler CurveBender, Chandler Zener Limiter, Baby Audio Smooth Operator, Valhalla Shimmer, TC Electronic 8821 Reverb, and more.


“Kent “Von” Hertzog got his start in the music industry as a hip-hop producer in 1996 under the name DJ Luciano. He released a series of underground mixtapes and CDs before landing engineering gigs for hip-hop artists such as Violator’s JoJo Pellegrino, and Pretty Ugly. Then while working at 1650 Studio in Manhattan he worked with R.A. The Rugged Man on his debut album “Die, Rugged Man, Die”. He also recorded with Ghostface Killah at 36 Chambers studio and worked with Wu-Tang’s Shyheim at 1650 Studio. Since 2013, he’s been making music as Von Hertzog, a synthwave-adjacent project he started in the wake of his father’s untimely death. Since then he’s released six singles, two EPs, and three full-length albums, including the soundtrack to video game Neon Aileron —all releases that have defied any specific genre classification. Hertzog is also the owner and main engineer for mixing/mastering outfit The Social Club.

Aaron Vehling – @Vehlinggo

As the sole engineer at The Social Club, Hertzog does it all be it mixing and mastering engineer or sound designer. With decades of experience and a respectable portfolio under his belt, he’s looking to keep branching out into commercial post-production.




A curated playlist of music that has been produced, mixed, and/or mastered, here, at The Social Club.
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